Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take the Ink Blot Challenge

By Melanie McBride
What Do You See?
Come to the Library to visit our Psychology Themed Display, titled: What Do You See? The display introduces the Rorschach Test, more commonly referred to as the “Ink Blot” test.  The Rorschach test is used as a psychological character evaluation. Six of the most popular ink blots are displayed on the bulletin board. Test yourself against the most common answers. Search Credo Reference to learn more about the Rorschach Test and how it is used.
Take the Ink Blot Challenge
Located to the left of the “What Do You See” Board are 10 inkblots. Write down your answers and submit them for a chance to win 3 free books at the Book Sale OR tweet your favorite answer to @kistlerlibrary #inkblot for a chance to win 1 free book at the Book Sale.
We will reveal the most common answers for each of the 10 ink blots on Sept 26th via this blog and announce the Book Sale winners.

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