Friday, September 27, 2013

Ink Blot Challenge Results

By Melanie McBride

Thank you to everyone who participated in our "Ink Blot Challenge." Congratulations Erin Wright! You won 3 free books at the Library's Book Sale.

In August the GMKL staff presented the "What Do You See?" display introducing the Rorschach Test, more commonly referred to as the "ink blot" test. Students and patrons were encouraged to reveal what they saw in the 10 ink blots. Interestingly, no one answer was repeated! Instead of the most common answers the GKML staff have decided on the following:

Top 10 Most Interesting Answers:
  1. A Clown Bust
  2. Two People Kneeling and High-Fiving Each Other
  3. Two Jazz Players
  4. Two Rats Dancing
  5. A Wolf
  6. Aliens Lost in Space
  7. Easter Island Statues
  8. Two Babies Being Lifted Up
  9. Mother Nature
  10. Revolution
Don't know what we're talking about? Check out our Ink Blot display on the ground floor of the Library. An example ink blot is pictured above.

More free prize opportunities are coming soon! Don't forget our Oktoberfest Book Sale on October 5th from 12 to 4PM on Alumni Circle.

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