Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kistler Library's Hidden Nooks and Crannies

By Emily Siegel '14

Some days you need to find an hour of peace and serenity. Maybe the dorms are too loud or your roommate cannot stop playing your least favorite song. Your brain is calling out for a break. The Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library offers a number of serene nooks and crannies that can separate you from the madness on campus. Whether you are looking for a desk to work at or just need the space to decompress, we have a spot for you. Scattered on each of the three floors of the Library are a number of secure spots that offer some much needed tranquility.

On your way to the Reading Room you can find three desks nestled among the stacks on both sides:

In the basement you will find two desks along the moving stacks that are ideal and peaceful work spaces:

You can also find multiple personal desks scattered throughout the periodicals room:

Moving up to the third floor, among the HG and HN stacks, sits a desk overlooking the beautiful and ever-changing foliage outside:

 At the end of the third floor stacks, on either side, sit another two desks that shield their occupants from everything going on in the rest of the building:

Finally, if you are ever looking for a nook to accommodate more than one person, the room for the Institute for Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility Research Collection offers a round table with numerous seats and is ideal for a group that needs a little bit of silence:

No matter what floor you are on, the Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library has the nooks and crannies for you to find some serenity and a conducive work environment.

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