Thursday, March 4, 2010

New in the Library: Philosopher's Index Online

Kistler Memorial Library is now offering the Philosopher’s Index online. The Philosopher’s Index provides indexing and abstracts of books, anthologies, and articles from over 620 journals in philosophy and related interdisciplinary fields. Comprehensively covering the philosophy literature from 1940 to the present, the Philosopher’s Index is an excellent starting point for research on ethics, aesthetics, logic, metaphysics, the philosophy of religion, education, and more. The Philosopher's Index is available via FirstSearch. At the FirstSearch home page, select "PhilosopherIndex" from the list of databases.

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I'm so excited to hear about these new changes at our library! ;-)

    I came into the library last semester requesting some MCAT prep books (there weren't even some GRE or other graduate level type of books in our library) ..I still think it would be beneficial towards the student body, a great portion of which that wishes to continue their education after their undergraduate experience at Rosemont College. Many other colleges have these books, even some dated ones. Personally, my friends and I have many MCAT books but it would be awesome to get even more practice in!!

    Just a thought
    -Merlyn Mathew
    Class '11