Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pardon Our Appearance

In my previous post I said that you would start to see changes in the library as we get ready for our big renovation project. Well, those changes have begun. The picture above shows the Main Reading Room with empty shelves, as the current periodicals have been moved downstairs to Rm. 112 with all of the back issues. The shelves were cleared to make room for the books in the Reference Room and other essential materials from the sections of the library that will be inaccessible during the renovation. We have already moved the popular books and DVDs from the lobby onto shelves in the Reading Room.

We also started making some changes in the Reference Room. The reference desk was disassembled and has been given a new home in the General Office. We are now using one of the tables from the Reference Room as a makeshift desk.

Finally (for now), the old built-in card catalog has been removed from the wall outside the Reference Room. That whole wall will be taken down to make the Remembering Sr. Helen Mary Weisbrod, SHCJ Information Commons a more open space.

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